Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Love You

"Te Amo" in Spanish, "Seni Seviyorum" in Turkish, "Kimi o ai shiteru" in Japanese, etc. are some of the languages we use to express our feelings to someone we love, either to our parents, to a friend or to a lover.

I Love You is a simple 3 words to express our feelings. It is so easy making this one, maybe because I am inspired and I want to say this words to someone special to my heart, my husband ^_^ . And I will never get tired of saying this to him every day. I LOVE YOU honey!

Saving a Relationship

In a relationship, when problems arise it is important to understand and know how to deal with the issues. Holding on a relationship with someone you love, you must have patience, effort of communication with your partner and have a good outlook to your relationship.

The key to a lasting relationship and solve issues that arise is to show respect to each other. Complication may be solved without fighting or yelling. Other person must acknowledge of what his/her partner is talking about. When both partners have their sides it will surely lead to resolution.

Put some effort to appreciate your partner. Make sure they know it. Give them a massage, compliment them, etc. This little thing may mean a lot to your partner and can keep a relationship healthy.

Romantic Ideas

Spice up the romance in your relationship with some of the romantic ideas.

♪ If your partner is going away for a few days, tell her that you are worried about her so you have organized a bodyguard to look after her. Then give her a small teddy bear.

♪ Make a little loving gesture every day for one full year.

♪ When your partner is sitting at a table or desk, come up behind him or her and give her a back, shoulder and head massage. Finish with a gentle kiss on the cheek.

♪ When your partner is sick at home, take a day off to look after her. Rent some videos, make her some soup, wrap her up in a blanket and just be with her.

Have a really big pillow fight. Set up for it by buying two pillows that are filled with feathers. Put holes in the pillows so the feathers will start to fly and then attack your partner when you feel the time is right.

Buy a packet of glow in the dark stars and stick the stars on the roof above your bed to spell out a message such as "I Love You" When the lights go down, your message will be revealed!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chocolate Hills

Probably the most famous attraction in Bohol is the Chocolate Hills. It is composed of a cone-shape hills of around 1,268 and of about the same size. One of the legends about Chocolate Hills tells about a giant named Arogo, who’s beyond measure powerful and youthful. Arogo fell in love with Aloya who was a simple mortal. Aloya’s death caused Arogo too much pain and misery that in his sorrow, he could not stop crying. When his tears dried the Chocolate Hills were formed.

This is a photographic picture taken when I and my wife went to Bohol

I cant help but to feel and cherish the ravishing Chocolate Hills. I really enjoyed this trip. This is one of my enduring experience. Chocolate Hills is a must see attraction here in the Philippines.