Thursday, July 30, 2009

Touch a blogger: Tie a yellow ribbon for Cory Aquino

As a way of my support to Cory Aquino I tied a yellow ribbon in my blog

I chastely invite you to join this tribute to Mrs. Aquino by following these few steps:

1. Create an entry entitled: “Touch a blogger: Tie a yellow ribbon for Cory Aquino!“.
2. Post a yellow ribbon in your blog for President Cory Aquino. Whatever form of yellow ribbon that your creative imagination can come up with.
3. Invite other bloggers to tie a yellow ribbon for Cory

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beauty of Love Letter

Box of chocolates and bouquets of flowers are few good present to someone special to you. But why don’t you try something that really spells your LOVE.

Think of message that you want to send to them. Decide if your letter is something that you are expressing your love, appreciation or other emotions that you want to express. Make a draft and write the words you want to say and read it again to see if it is the right words. Even if your handwriting is bad, she will appreciate the extra effort. Spend money to good and beautiful stationeries. When you are ready to write them on your stationeries, don’t forget the date, always date your letter so whenever she will read it again she will look back and remember the year. If you have a nick name to your love one, use it in the beginning and in the body of your letter. State some distinct reasons why you feel the way you do towards your love one. Close then your letter with a nice sends off like “forever yours”.