Thursday, January 15, 2009

Value of Work

My mom has thought me to do well at work. Last April 2007, I started working while I am still in college. I grabbed the offer from a friend that the company where he is working in, is in need of a link builder and I was blessed then because I was hired.

A lot of people nowadays took advantage of the work they had. They did not know how important it is to have that kind of work. Well, for me, I am so thankful for having a great work like I have right now. I’d able to buy the things that I wanted. I’d able to give something for my mom and dad and most especially I’d able to buy the needs of my son. Actually, I am not the only one who is working. My partner and I are working so hard for our family. Anyway, who will benefit this? It is still us…

I thanked God for the blessings He gave to me, one is my job and this one really means a lot to me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sinulog Festival

The word Sinulog was attained from the Cebuano adverb sulog, means “like water current movement” which epitomized the forward-backward movement of there Sinulog dance. Sinulog Festival is an annual celebration held every on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City here in the Philippines and lasts for nine days. The celebration accounts the child Jesus, avowed as the Santo NiƱo (Holy Child), the patron of Cebu.

The festival has a street parade with participants wearing bright-colored costumes which dance to the rhythm of some musical instruments. The celebration brings about two major activities: the religious procession on a Saturday and the grand street parade the following day. Sinulog was one of the country’s biggest, grandest and most foreseen celebrations.

After Break-Up Advice

The first thing to do after a break-up is to accept that it is "over". If you are unable to accept it then you'll get stuck to it and it will hold you from starting a new chapter of your life.

Do not try to keep hurtful things into your own self. Have someone to talk about the situation, do not be afraid to tell someone the things that you are going through, cry if you need to, in that way it could help you also.

Do not try to remain friends with your ex - it won't work out. It is complicated to befriend of them because of the fact that you have shared a lot of intimacy then. And also, when you know that they are living happily with someone else do not force yourself then to your ex... it will just hurt you too much.

Anyway, your friends and your family will help you cope with the problems you've had. Go out and have fun with them.

It's vital that you get to know yourself again after a break-up.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blog Goals for 2009

I guess everyone who blogs has goals to achieve at the end of the year and I am doing this one, listing my goals so that at the end of this year I may able to see if I have done something for my blog...

PR2 or more for this blog... before, this blog is PR1... this blog increase its page rank within a month (we optimized it actually using only I guess directory submission, search engine submission and and RSS feeds) but sad to say page rank goes down. Owning a website and having a high page rank is so cool...

Will post up to 80 or more articles... (guess so!) I am a busy mom... I have work and love to be with my baby when I am at home. Hope I can make and post lots of articles then.

And lastly, Increase daily blog traffic and have unique visitors.

I guess this will be my main goals for my blog... Enjoy blogging everyone!