Some guidelines to work a relationship

  • Be a listener; do not answer until your partner has finished talking.
  • Always speak the Truth but do it in love.
  • Speak slowly, don't be "hasty" in your words. Think first before you speak. Speak in such a way that the person can understand. Don't use silence to frustrate your partner. Explain everything and if you don't want to talk, explain why you are hesitant to talk at this time.
  • Do not respond in anger; use soft and kind words to respond to your partner.
  • Admit the fact when you are wrong, be sure not to brought up again that issue if you have already forgiven your partner.
  • Don't blame or criticize your partner.
  • Avoid quarreling, it is possible to disagree w/out quarreling with just a simple conversation.
  • Try to understand your partner's opinion. Be concerned about his/her interest.


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