Relationship Secrets

To keep the love burning in a relationship each person must know or think ways on how to keep the love alive. Below are some guidelines that really works to keep love burning...

♥ Learn to appreciate your partner and accept them of who they really are.
- appreciate little things they have done for you or for the relationship. Appreciate them once in a while, just to let them know or feel how special they are in your life.

♥ Always compliment each other.

♥ Keep doing the things you are enjoying.
- Just like watching movies, walking hand in hand etc.

♥ Make sure you have the same views and goals in life.
- It is difficult to be in a relationship knowing that both of you have opposite goals.

♥ Do not hide things or lie to your partner.
- The problem will only get bigger if you hide something to your partner.

♥ Respect yourself and partner.
- Respecting each other is one key tool to last your relationship forever.

♥ Say sorry
- when you think you are wrong do not let your pride come in your way. Being able to say sorry is good.

♥ When decision making comes, try to consult each other. You have to work as a team. This will strengthen your relationship.


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