Trip To Danao Adventure Park Bohol Philippines

If you are planning to make a trip with your friends or Family in Bohol Philippines, There’s one place that you should have not miss it on your itinerary list. This adventure park is one of the reasons why I love to go to Bohol, because before we decided to travel to Bohol we are choosing if we will go to Camiguin Island or Bohol, But after I searched it on google on which will be the nice place to make our trip memorable, I found an add on the Internet with the packages on the nice places to go on Bohol and Camiguin Island, there I found the Danao adventure park and what’s get me interested is their extreme ride called “The Plunge” and when I watched it on youtube it made me more excited to go to Bohol.

When I, my wife and her friends decided that we will go to Bohol for at-least 3 days to see their good country side trips and Panglao Island white beaches. What excites us the most is to go and try their very extreme swing and it also looks like a bungee jumping too. Because of our excitement to try the extreme rides “The Plunge” this is the 1st trip we decided to do when we get there. We arrived at Bohol at 6:00 am and we stayed on the sea port for awhile because there are many guys offering us their service and packages and you can choose a lot if you are not very familiar with the place. They have a lots of package depending on the # of the travelers but the more of you come to Bohol is the better because you can save a lot of money on the packages.

We just choose the package for the country side tour and Panglao Island trip just for 1 day with a fair price for the driver and we told the driver that we will get his package on our 2nd day trip, because we are traveling on our own going to Danao for our 1st day trip, because I already read some articles on where to get There. So we already made our reservations at our hotel in Tagbilaran and after we choose the packages that we like and feel that it’s a fair price for us 4 persons. We travelled 3 hours from Tagbilaran to Danao and It’s kinda boring getting there but once you arrived, it’s worth it.

We tried most of their wild rides “The Plunge” for 700php/head and it was amazing and after you are done with the jump you will be receiving a certificate. Sky ride or cable car for 250php/head, you can see a very good over view, this is a good way to ride with your friends and family. Suislide or a zipline for 350php/head which is also cool and the last ride we do is the River kayaking for 200php/head which is fun but it’s pretty tiring. I didn’t tried other rides because I already tried some of the rides on some other place, they have a good place there for your friends to stay and relax for awhile.


Soledad said…
Nice review about Danao Park. I've been in Bohol and had visited Danao Park as well. The place was fantastic. The whole island is. Nice that you enjoyed your tour there. Have you been to Cagayan de Oro? Check this site (
for more information.
eilybur said…
Actually I'm from CDO and yes our city has a lot of nice place to enjoy your travel.

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