Giant Fruits of Gingoog City

Giant Mango
Giant Pineapple
Giant Banana

Giant Lanzones
Giant Breadfruit

Giant Coconut

On May 22, 2008 I travel to Gingoog City to join the City fiesta of my wife’s father side family. Every year her family will be celebrating a fiesta and at the same time they will be having a family reunion, the purpose of my wife’s Grand Parents is to gather their sons and daughters for at-least once a year, the reasons is their siblings are residing from very far places.

Gingoog City have a lots of nature places for a nice trips, you can go nature tripping like beaches and springs they also have a Giant fruits on their plaza. These fruits are huge you can’t even hug these fruits by yourself the Pineapple needs 2 person to hug these huge fruit. The other giant fruits of Gingoog city that are displayed in their plaza are Banana, Pineapple, Lanzones, Coconut, Mango and Breadfruit mostly known in the Philippines as Marang.

Don't be fooled on the giant fruits that you see on the Pictures because they are not real fruits. It’s just made of concrete pavement art of talented Mason and a skilled painter that makes the 6 giant fruits brings to life at the City of Gingoog. These 6 fruits looks real if you visit their plaza when the nights strikes the day, the lights also help these fruits looks real and fresh when you look at from afar than a closer look.


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