White Island

I am going to Cebu, Philippines for a new job assigned to Cebu. From Cagayan de Oro City I choose to ride a ship for me to see the beauty of the sea. The departure of the ship is 8am and Arrive to Metro Cebu at exactly 6pm.When I was on the ship I’ve seen many Islands that has a really nice view, Thank God I brought my cellular phone with a built in camera and take a shot on some nice place that catches my eyes.

At 1pm I feel asleep and take a rest for awhile and At 3pm I wake-up and watch a local channel on TV of the ship. In a few minutes I leave the things with my wife and I roam around the ship and watch again the beautiful spots of the Philippines Sea’s. I saw this island that really has a great sands and it is white. The Island has a lots of coconut trees and the white sands are really cool.


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