Building Love

Whatever definition you may have, Love is indeed a many splendored thing. In love, someone has to take the first move. Setting without no conditions. Love means accepting the person as he is. Loving him/her totally and probably forget the bad side of the past.

A loving relationship starts really from yourself. Show respect with each other. Be sensitive to your partners feeling. Show love and affection towards your partner, this is one thing that your partner will feel that he/she is special to you... working out with problems appropriately will help a lot too. When problem arise, don't quarrel instead have a simple conversation about the issue. You must first listen to the one who's talking then don't interrupt while is still talking, let your partner finish first before asking questions. Also learn how to trust your partner (its one key too, to a long lasting relationship!).

Lack of communication within a relationship causes misunderstanding. You can improve your relationship by spending quality time together that you will enjoy. Why plan for a trip, go to a place where both of you haven't gone before or go to beach rather, shop on the mall or stay at home (sharing thoughts, laugh together or play games.. that would be exciting too!).


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