Love or Jealousy?

Jealousy takes away the meaning of true love. One person can love you in many different way. You may not see it but if someone loves you truly then great happiness is yours. Don't put yourself in a situation that you might kill someone to fight your love towards that person because you are only putting yourself down. Confronting them is an easiest way to do but not in a way with anger. You are not feeling the love anymore then. Respect yourself and respect others too. If someone doesn't want you anymore then move on. That doesn't mean that you will not be happy after all this bad things happen to you.

Loving someone and be loved in return is a great feeling. Just put into your mind that loving such person doesn't mean that you want him/her to be with you all the time. That kills the love and the person too. If problems arise don't be too harsh on him, be calm, don't do things that will hurt him it will only lead them to find another better than you.


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