Blog Goals for 2009

I guess everyone who blogs has goals to achieve at the end of the year and I am doing this one, listing my goals so that at the end of this year I may able to see if I have done something for my blog...

PR2 or more for this blog... before, this blog is PR1... this blog increase its page rank within a month (we optimized it actually using only I guess directory submission, search engine submission and and RSS feeds) but sad to say page rank goes down. Owning a website and having a high page rank is so cool...

Will post up to 80 or more articles... (guess so!) I am a busy mom... I have work and love to be with my baby when I am at home. Hope I can make and post lots of articles then.

And lastly, Increase daily blog traffic and have unique visitors.

I guess this will be my main goals for my blog... Enjoy blogging everyone!


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