After Break-Up Advice

The first thing to do after a break-up is to accept that it is "over". If you are unable to accept it then you'll get stuck to it and it will hold you from starting a new chapter of your life.

Do not try to keep hurtful things into your own self. Have someone to talk about the situation, do not be afraid to tell someone the things that you are going through, cry if you need to, in that way it could help you also.

Do not try to remain friends with your ex - it won't work out. It is complicated to befriend of them because of the fact that you have shared a lot of intimacy then. And also, when you know that they are living happily with someone else do not force yourself then to your ex... it will just hurt you too much.

Anyway, your friends and your family will help you cope with the problems you've had. Go out and have fun with them.

It's vital that you get to know yourself again after a break-up.


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