Value of Work

My mom has thought me to do well at work. Last April 2007, I started working while I am still in college. I grabbed the offer from a friend that the company where he is working in, is in need of a link builder and I was blessed then because I was hired.

A lot of people nowadays took advantage of the work they had. They did not know how important it is to have that kind of work. Well, for me, I am so thankful for having a great work like I have right now. I’m able to buy the things that I wanted. I’m able to give something for my mom and dad and most especially I’d able to buy the needs of my son. Actually, I am not the only one who is working. My partner and I are working so hard for our family. Anyway, who will benefit this? Me and my family us…

I thanked God for the blessings He gave to us, one is my job and the love of my family.


keanxy said…
Hi there! fellow cagayanons, hehe baha pa gyapon, taga asa ka cdo?
eilybur said…
I'm from Agusan, CDO... last few days gabaha pa pero ryt now ok naman... Ikaw? San location mo dito sa Cagayan?

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